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Dock Leveler

Dock Leveler
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The DLSS 300/400/600 Hydraulic Dock Leveler is the ultimate solution for all your cargo needs, with safety coming first. Engineered to maximize productivity in the most demanding warehouse environments, the DLSS-Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler combines strength and efficiency without compromising safety. Super-Seal continues to innovate with premium dock products, developing the dock leveler for high-volume performance and operating simplicity. With its fully automatic operation, it is easy to use when loading and unloading cargo. Also a cost-effective alternative to air powered and mechanical dock levelers. It requires minimal maintenance having the lowest long term costs. Its superior strength comes from the unique channels supporting the platform, yielding forces up to its capacity.

Safety features:

  • Hydraulic velocity fuse that limits loaded ramps free fall to within 3″ (76mm)
  • Full operating range metal (safety yellow) toe guards (ANSI Z535.1)
  • Stationary side shields with high visibility OHSA safety striping
  • The maintenance strut supports the deck and lip, facilitating maintenance and inspection (saving you money and time)
  • Floating hinge and rear deck support like no other
  • Third wheel centre channel
  • Comes standard with weather seal

Model types:

DLS300: 30,000lbs (13,608kg)

DLS400: 40,000lbs (18,144kg)

DLS600: 60,000lbs (27,216kg)


  • Black Standard (Matt Finish)
  • Other colour and finishes optional

Standard Features:

  • Dimensions and capacity are determined by requirements of each customer, please contact us directly to discuss what model would best suit the needs of the job.
  • Unique floating hinge design and rear deck support allows two parallel axes of rotation.
  • Third wheel centre channel balances the load distribution of the forklift and increases strength of the platform.
  • Weather seal (brush) covers the gap created between the leveler and dock pit wall.