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Super-Seal has been innovative in the dock and door industry for over 40 years. Re-introducing the SS-90-1, this new proprietary formula has been developed for the primary purpose of Extreme Surface Durability.

Standard abrasion test of vinyls withstand 6400 cycles however, this new Super-Seal proprietary formula withstands 42,500 cycles in the same standard abrasion test (ASTM D 3384). This equates to over 6 times abrasion resistance more than other conventional vinyls on the market.

The SS90-1 exceeds the industry standards for abrasion resistance with sand grain finish, anti-mildew & UV treatments and fire-retardant in 2 seconds or less.

Super-Seal is devoted to creating the highest state of the art standards for the dock and door industry. Many new innovative products are scheduled to be launched this year.  Vinyl samples are available, please contact 1-800-337-3239 or email or